How to Talk With Your Teen About Careers

Some people are lucky enough to know what they want to do with their lives from a very young age. For others, finding a career can be a hit or miss affair. Fortunately for parents these days there is a wealth of information and many resources on hand to help you guide your teen to a satisfying and rewarding career. SAITCity is one of those resources. you child can use the information found under the Students tab to begin their career research.

Studies show that parents are one of the most powerful influences on their children’s choice of career. As a parent, you have the advantage of knowing your teen’s likes and dislikes, whether they are a bit shy or the life of the party; if they are more comfortable with a book or helping to build a fence. By encouraging your teen to explore and define their interests, you will be starting them on the path to making decisions about their upcoming high school courses including those in the Career and Technology Studies (CTS) program of studies.

High school learning choices have changed and we’d argue that they have changed for the better. CTS programs allow students to align their learning interests with their future careers. They can complete their first apprenticeship classes while in high school, receive dual credits and specialize in areas such as IT, business, tourism and engineering design (to name a few).

How can you help your teen with career planning?

  • Encourage discussion by actively listening to your teen about their career interests. Carefully consider their point of view and help them find answers to their questions.
  • Set up a job shadow or an interview with a person that has a career in a field that your teen is interested in. Help prepare appropriate questions.
  • Ask your teen to investigate important details about a career like the skill and knowledge required, the working conditions and rates of pay, and the demand for workers in that field, now and in the future.

Career Coaching Your Kids: A Guide for Parents – Provides suggestions on career planning, how to talk to teens about career choices, tools and resources [Alberta Learning Information Service (ALIS)]