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Alberta Canada: Financial Services Industry
Alberta Learning Information Service (ALIS): Business, Building and Other Support Services
ALIS: Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Leasing
ALIS: Professional, Scientific and Technical Services


Alberta Canada: Building Products and Technologies
Alberta Canada: Engineering and Construction
Careers in Construction
ALIS: Construction
ALIS: Professional, Scientific and Technical Services


Alberta Canada: Environmental Products and Services
Alberta Canada: Oil and Gas
Alberta Canada: Refining, Petrochemicals and Biochemicals
ALIS: Mining and Oil and Gas Extraction
ALIS: Utilities

Health and Public Safety 

Alberta Canada: Life Sciences
ALIS: Health Care and Social Assistance

Hospitality and Tourism

Alberta Canada: Tourism
ALIS: Accommodation and Food Services

Information Technology (IT)*

Alberta Canada: Information and Communication Technologies
ALIS Alberta: Information, Culture and Recreation
ALIS Alberta: Other Services
ALIS Alberta: Professional, Scientific and Technical Services
Calgary Technology

Manufacturing and Automation

ALIS: Manufacturing
Calgary Manufacturing

Media and Communications*

ALIS: Information, Culture and Recreation
Calgary Creative Industries
Calgary Film & TV


Alberta Canada: Aerospace and Defense
Alberta Canada: Logistics and Market Access
ALIS Alberta: Other Services
ALIS: Transportation and Warehousing
Calgary Transportation & Logistics
Aviation is Your Future (Open Mooc course, ages 8-12)

All Alberta Industries

Alberta Canada: Industries
ALIS: Industries
Calgary: Industries

*Many Business, IT, and Media and Communications career paths lead to opportunities in other industries.