Teacher Involvement

Teachers! Get ready to be an active participant in the Career Exploration Centre.

Your active participation during your visit goes a long way to making students’ SAITCity experience one that is meaningful and even transformational.

Before, during and after your visit to the CEC, teachers perform specific tasks to support student learning and engagement. Supervisors are also quite active during a visit and will rely on your direction.

Below is information that will give you an idea of the work you need perform before, during and after your visit. Also see our:

Teacher Checklist: A handy way to ensure you complete all tasks before, during and after your visit.
FAQs: Information on the nitty-gritty details like lunch, drop off/pick up locations, etc.

Before a session teachers will: Complete tasks associated with busing, CEC and school board permission forms, and preparing students and volunteers for the day. Before Your Visit elearning activities take approximately 50 minutes for students to complete and can be completed during or outside of school time.

•  Preparation activities, CEC forms and information for your school board/district forms are located on the password protected side of our website.
•  The CEC has a Master Agreement in place with the CBE.

During your visit, teachers (and supervisors) will:  Support students through activities, reflections and an optional survey, manage behaviours, assist the CEC Facilitator, and provide feedback via an optional teacher survey. Come prepared to engage!

After a session, teachers will, optionally: Complete a short online survey to help us assess the longer term impact of a CEC-SAITCity visit and use our website resources and activities to help students continue their career exploration journey.

Go big! Some teachers have followed up their class visit by using our materials to help students select high school courses, launch a career fair day at school, make presentations about their day to other students at school, and develop their learning/career portfolios.